Monday, November 1, 2010

October Results and Standings

These are subject to change if a month or two of possibly recorded but missing results pop up

Josh 1st out by Tim, 10 for showing, 10 for 11th place, 20 points
Jonathan, 2nd out by Tim, 10 for showing, 20 for 10th place, 30 points
Stanica, 3rd out by Drew, 10 for showing, 30 for 9th, 40 points
Phil, 10 for showing, 40 for 8th, 50 points
Evan, 10 for showing, 50 for 7th, 60 points
Robin, 10 for showing, 60 for 6th, 70 points
Drew, 10 for showing, 20 for taking out Stanica and Evan, 70 for 5th, 100 points
Kevin, 10 for showing, 80 for 4th, 90 points
Tim, 10 for showing, 60 for taking out Josh, Jonathan, Phillip, Robin and Drew, 125 for 3rd, 195 points
Pete, 10 for showing, 10 for taking out Tim, 150 for 2nd, 170 points
Rick, 10 for showing, 20 for taking out Kevin and Pete, 220 for winning, 25 for High Hand (Ks full of 5s), 275 points

Overall Standings
1st, Drew Barton*, 890 points
2nd, Phillip Barton*, 740 points
3rd, Rick Fox*, 565 points
4th, Tracy Barton, 465 points
5th, Tim Nelson, 345 points
6th, Kevin Bissell and Pete Hebenstreit, 325 points

8th, Cassie Bissell and Shelli Ross, 300 points

10th, Josh Nelson, 240 points
11th, Joe Nelson, 215 points
12th, Robin Hebenstreit, 210 points
13th, Andrea (Anderson) Kalmbach, 205 points
14th, Stanica Barton, 200 points
15th, Chad Ross, 165 points
16th, Kenneth Barton, 130 points
17th, Liam Bowcock, 110 points
18th, Evan Froward, 60 points
19th, Eric Hill and Kendra, 50 points

21st, Jonathan Haukaas, 30 points

Congratulations to Rick on being a first time winner. I think 2 sets of results are missing; I know who won one of those but not who won the other, but in the 5 recorded games we have 4 separate winners, including 3 first-time winners, a trend I hope continues.