Monday, April 28, 2008

League Rules

3000 chips to start
25/50 first blind level, 45 minutes
blinds double, length decreases by 5 minutes

Each person involved in the Monthly Tournament receives 10 points. If they attend every tournament in a given quarter this point total is doubled. We like to have people playing regardless of skill level and the best way to improve your game is to play.

Points are distributed as follows:
1st place receives 10 points/player x2 (i.e. if there are 10 people that week the winner receives 200 points: (10x10) x 2.
2nd place receives the inverse of 10X their place x1-1/2...I.E. in the same 10 person tournament 2nd place earns 135 points...(10 pts x9)x1.5
3rd place receives the inverse of 10x their place x 1.25 (rounded up). I.E. in the same 10 person tournament 3rd place receives 100 points...(10x8)x1.25.
If 16 or more players 4th place receives a 10% bonus to their points.
All other places receive the inverse of 10 times their place...i.e. in a 10 person tournament 4th receives 70 pts, 5th 60, 6th 50 and so forth.

There is a bonus for taking people out. 10 points per person eliminated. Additionally, if you eliminate the highest ranked person in the overall standings you receive a bonus of 10 points.
If you take out multiple people in the same hand they are worth 20 points per person instead of 10.

High Hand of the night (Full House or better to qualify) receives 1 25 point bonus

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